Delilah Dress ~ Rosebud Chiffon


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Product Description

Seriously ready to bloom at any moment. Rosebud Chiffon has that softy peachy rose look that so delicately plays off of pastels so well. Keep her cool with silver and pewter or warm her up with golds and bronzes.

This little gal has a lot going on, and we are so excited about all of it. Where do we even begin?! I mean, from her cute deep v cut out in the front to her high waist and ruffley sleeves, she's just so adorable! And then those ruffle sleeves go allllll the way around in the back giving you that exposed back we can't get enough of. Take her out with some chunky platforms or ankle booties cuz she is waaaay too cute to keep all to yourself!

*100% Poly Chiffon
*Basically Wrinkle-proof. Throw in purse for later recommended