Cam Cam Bells


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Product Description

Super flattering, that deep rich olive is here to make you look oh so slender without making you go too sticky. She's got some give to let you move and groove when ya need to, but tight enough to keep you tucked in where it counts. Any solid earthtone or patterned piece jams perfectly with her

High rise and ginormous flare. Cam Cam Bells are your new go-to date night staple. She's got that stretch that keeps you in snug where you wanna be, but also lets you move and groove where you wanna. Your super worn-in concert tee tied in a little knot and some booties give her a little edgy look. She also loves a good drop top or Lenz Spaghetti. The possibilities are endless with this one...

*97% Cotton, 3% Spandex
*High, stretchy elastic waist
*No pockets in front, 2 pockets in back

Megan is 5'8' and is wearing a size small.